Monday, May 2, 2011

The TRUTH about the Master of Deception!

Rabbi Ari Ehrmantrout, Rabbi Timothy Ariel Wilton Ehrmantrout, Timothy Wilton Ehrmantrout, Michael McCleod, Johnathon David Andrews, Taron Leigh James, Dallas Austin Crockett, Rabbi Ari Crockett . How many other names are there? How many wives? How many children? How many life stories? But most importantly, how many LIES?

This blog, along with the website (  is dedicated to the literally hundreds of people who have been hurt by this man. We are just trying to make the truth available so you can make up your own mind. We will not name call, we will not use here say, only documented TRUTH will be posted here.

We are not Judge, nor Jury, nor God. We are not against Jewish people, or Christians or any other religious sect. This is not about ANY of that. This is about the TRUTH!


  1. Passed away January 20th, 2015, before the launch of his Vets Custom Cycle company(latest scam). He wanted me to do sales, to sell the idea of a custom bike, to Vets, and disabled Vets......cause there was never going to be any actual product! A truth I learned the day after watching coroner's 'remove his body. I remain dumbfounded!?

  2. Contact me at and I can explain it all to you.